AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

On the higher end for recumbent bikes lies the AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike. This fact means that the product offers a whole lot more than most other bikes you will research. Firstly, it is very solid and weighs in at about 170 pounds. It can support a user that is up to 325 pounds with no issue. Assembly is super easy and most agree that it took about an hour all in all to set up.

If you decide to commit to a cardiovascular routine. You can find cycling one of the most popular choices. Having an in-home recumbent bike is even better, this way nothing such as weather or the inconvenience of leaving your residence can deter you from getting your workouts in. In fact, having easy accessibility at your fingertips will keep you motivated and get you closer to your fitness goals and within a shorter time frame.

AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike

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AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike is Ergonomically Designed

In more ways than one, the AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike is conveniently and comfortably designed. First, the open frame eliminates any chances for mounting or dismounting this recumbent bike. You also save time getting on and off, as you hardly have to think about it. Next, the seat, armrests, and pedals are high-quality and therefore, you can really tell about the well-thought-out design the moment you situate yourself for your workout. The seat’s sturdy padding and horizontal frame give adequate lumbar support to avoid stressing out sensitive areas of the lower back and neck. In addition, you can adjust it easily to accommodate individuals of any size. Finally, the uniquely side-mounted console adds to the comfort and easy access for gathering information about your workout or changing it up at your leisure.


Variable and Effective Workout Programs of AFG 4.0 AR

One thing is for sure, with the AFG 4.0 AR  you will continue to be pushed towards good health and experience a variety of workouts each time you hop on this worthwhile bike. This fact is true because the product includes ten different programs with some being weight loss, rolling hills, intervals, and random, just to name a few. Furthermore, you also get to choose among the 20 resistance levels. So, you can decide what kind of workout you are in the mood for each time you ride. Finally, the 23-pound flywheel included in the AFG 4.0 is a true asset when it comes to recumbent bikes. This feature gives you the same feeling of an outdoor bike and with it the challenges and effectiveness of a good workout.

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  • High quality and solid frame
  • Walkthrough design
  • Good selection of resistance levels and workout programs


  • Assembly required
  • Price on the higher end
  • Movability may be difficult

Final Thoughts

The AFG 4.0 AR is a great consideration for low impact types of workouts. This machine is not the most inexpensive one available; however, it is not the most expensive one either. What remains for sure though is that it is highly comfortable, smartly designed. And offers a great many features such as a flywheel, multiple resistance levels, and a variety of workout programs. It will surely keep you on your health target for a long time. In addition, it is solidly made which means you are free to work out as vigorously or as leisurely as you desire.

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