Dual Motion Recumbent Bike Review

The Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is a real hit with a great price tag and assembly that will take you under an hour to put together. In addition, a wonderful feature of the Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is that it takes up so little space. You could have it directly in front of the TV. But not block other people’s views who are sitting around in the room. If you are on the lookout for a relatively low-budget in home exercise bike, this one will fit your desires.

It is also important to point out that the Velocity Exercise offers dual motion workouts – something that is difficult to find with other recumbent bikes, especially ones in this price range. Specifically, besides the pedaling mechanism for your lower body, you also get rotating handles by the console which can be adjusted with resistance in order for you to get some upper body exercise in as well. And so, overall you will be able to get a better cardiovascular workout in the same amount of time. The benefits of more fitness cannot be denied.

Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

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Dual Motion Recumbent Bike Space Saver and Easy Mobility

This unique recumbent bike takes up very little floor space as it measures approximately four feet by two feet. In addition, its walk through frame is hardly noticeable because it lacks bulkiness and unnecessary extras. Getting on and off of the Dual Motion Recumbent Bike will give you no challenge and is a sought after feature by many especially those who have balance issues or are in recovery from an injury. This in home machine will have you strengthened up in no time. Finally, the unit comes with transport wheels which will eliminate any transport ability difficulties, and storage will not give you any headaches.


Standard Console

There are no confusions when it comes to the Velocity Exercise bike’s console. The unit is easy to navigate and provides information on only the basics for a workout. Such as speed, distance, calories burned, as well as heart rate which is triggered by gripping the handlebars to the side of the seat. The display has over sized numbers enabling for easy reading and right in front of it is the knob which allows you to adjust the tension among the eight levels this recumbent bike provides. Overall, it is not a fancy set up; however, for the price of this machine you get all that you need for an effective workout.


Dual Motion Recumbent Bik Flywheel Included

When looking into stationary bikes, you always want to make sure you are considering the ones with a flywheel. This feature ensures good pedal resistance which is what will ultimately make the workout the most effective. The Dual Motion Recumbent Bike comes with a five pound flywheel, which is not the heaviest one available on the market today; however, the positive is that at least one is included within this product’s price, as not all Recumbent Bikes have them to begin with. Therefore, with the bike’s dual motion exercise available and the flywheel, you can guarantee yourself a good and challenging exercise routine every time you hop on.

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  • Both upper and lower body workouts
  • Flywheel included
  • Space saver


  • Assembly required
  • The display has only the basics
  • The user weight limit is 250 pounds


Final Thoughts

All in all, the Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is a good value for an in-home exercise machine. Getting enough exercise in is a requirement for everyone no matter the age or fitness level you are currently at. There is no better way to get trim and gain strength than through cardiovascular workouts. Among the safest exercises you can do it through cycling on a recumbent bike. It is also one of the few ways you can also integrate some fun activities in while you are exercising such as watching TV. The Velocity Exercise is fluid and noiseless; therefore it would never interfere with those other areas of entertainment. With the simple assembly, great price, and option for both lower and upper workouts, you really are left with no excuse to not buy this great machine.

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