Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 resistance levels are the right choice to achieve your fitness goals. The operation of the fitness bike is in the hands of the users. The soft padding over the bike’s components makes it comfortable enough for extended use. Quality parts are used in the production of the bike.

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 resistance level is an affordable solution to your fitness problems. This bike is a comfortable and easy way to lose unwanted fat and improve cardiovascular endurance. You can get the same benefit from this affordable bike as other expensive bikes.

Variable resistance levels give you a new challenge every day. With its adjustable parts, you can train efficiently and comfortably. You can take your exercise routine to the next level with this premium fitness bike from Marcy.

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike

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Technical Specifications of Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This exercise bike has a premium steel frame that combines design and performance. Its rugged construction provides superior durability, making it an ideal investment that will last a lifetime.

8 RESISTANCE LEVELS: Designed to push you to the limit, this exercise bike has magnetic resistance with eight preset levels. The tension control knob allows easy adjustment to your training zone.

HIGH-TECH LCD MONITOR: The Marcy exercise bike has a durable, ultra-functional LCD computer screen that acts as an odometer. The clear display shows time, speed, distance, and calories in extra-large digits for easier reading.

ADJUSTABLE SEAT LENGTH: The adjustable seat allows you to adjust the height to suit your own legs. The specially designed movable seat allows the equipment to adapt precisely to your body, ensuring that your training has the maximum effect on your target areas.

ERGONOMIC HANDLES: The bike handles have pads with vinyl foam for a firm grip for a comfortable workout. The ergonomic design ensures precise contact between your hands and the steel handles for a perfect grip.

Frame Construction of Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike has a durable steel construction designed to hold users up to 300 lbs. (136 kg). The frame is made of rectangular and oval steel tubing, a feature that not only improves the overall robustness and stability of the unit but also provides an aesthetic and professional-looking appearance.

The bike frame consists of two main parts, the front part with the handlebars and the drive mechanism, and the rear part with the seat. The two parts are connected in the middle with different screws. In addition, the connection point is equipped with a small adjustable stabilizer.

All steel parts in the bike’s construction coating with a rust and scratch resistant paint finish; the color used is gray, this is the only color available for this bike. Naturally, there are various ABS parts in the construction of the unit, such as the steering wheel covers and the seat base frame covers. However, these do not affect the overall robustness of the machine as the function is protective and cosmetic.

Like the most recumbent bikes, the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is not exactly a small fitness machine. With all parts assembled, it measures 56.7 “(144cm) long and 24.8” (63cm) wide. The width of the base is actually slightly less, the width of 24.8″ determining by the handlebars of the saddle, this is the widest point on the bike. In addition to these dimensions, it is also advisable to allocate a slightly larger area to use the bike. At least 60 cm of free space on the sides and rear and at least 30 cm of free space in the front should be sufficient.

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The frame of this Marcy exercise bike has a step design. This significantly improves access to the seat and entry and exit. This is an excellent feature for users with certain disabilities or for older users.

Like most recumbent bikes, the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike offers excellent stability. In addition, the rear base is equipped with adjustable levelers.

The assembled unit is not extremely heavy. Weighs approx. 69 pounds (31.2 kg), so one person should be able to unpack and assemble it without additional assistance. In addition, once the unit is fully assembled, movement is made easy by the small wheels built into the front base.

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Exercise Meter

This exercise bike basically contains the same console as the Marcy NS-40504U. It is equipped with an LCD screen that records time, distance, speed, and calories. It also has an odometer function that basically tells you how many miles you’ve ridden on the bike so far.

Unfortunately, the bike does not have a pulse measurement function. The console is not telemetric and there are no pulse sensors in the handlebars. Therefore, if you need to monitor your heart rate during exercise, you should use a separate device.

Since it is a base unit, the console has no built-in presets. However, it does offer time, distance, and calorie goal settings. You can select a value for any of these statistics and it will count down from the selected value until it reaches zero.

The device is quite easy to operate. There are three main button modes, setting and resetting. With the MODE button, you can turn on / off the SCAN function of the device. When the SCAN function is on, the display shows each workout stat for 4 seconds. The SET button lets you set goals for time, distance, and calories. And the RESET button clears all values ​​to zero.

The device uses two 1.5V (AA) batteries that have not included. When you start pedaling it starts or presses a button. It also has a sleep mode that will turn it on when there is no activity on the bike for 4 minutes.

Last but not least, a tablet holder is integrated into the bike console. This accessory is large enough for any type of tablet. Though, the tablet has no USB or connection port on the console.


Drive and Resistance

The Marcy NS-40502R recumbent bike is equipped with a fairly light flywheel. The exact weight is not specified, but since the entire bike weighs only 31.2 kg, the flywheel should not weigh more than 9 kg. However, it has a circumferential weight and provides a smooth pedaling motion.

The bike transmission is available with a durable rubber band. Unlike a chain drive, this type of belt drive produces less vibration while pedaling, resulting in a smoother pedaling experience and almost no noise. In addition, unlike a chain drive, a belt drive does not require lubrication.

The pedals that come with the device have a weighted design and a non-slip surface. Due to equip with adjustable straps to secure your feet during every workout. The crank arms made of solid steel; However, if you were wondering, you should not step on it. Being a recumbent bike, standing while pedaling would also result in a very uncomfortable and unhealthy posture.

 This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike has a manual magnetic resistance system. It integrates a small magnetic brake attaching to the knob of the console’s mast with a steel cable. By turning the cable, the brake adjusts its position closer to or further from the handlebar, increasing or decreasing resistance.

Since the machine’s resistance is manual only, the unit does not need to connect to a power source. Nor does the console play any role in adjusting the resistance.

There are 8 resistance levels available. However, the overall resistance of this exercise bike is not extreme. It can provide light to moderate workouts. Lower levels provide very light pedal tension, ideal for recovery training. However, the eighth resistance level promotes a more intensive workout, with greater muscle burn.

Seat and Handlebar

This Marcy exercise bike has equipment with an adjustable saddle. The entire seat construction is attached to an oblique bar and has a sliding mechanism with a pin at the bottom that allows you to lock it in the desired position. It offers various adjustment positions and can promote users’ full leg extensions between 5’0 “and 6’2” (153 – 188 cm).

In terms of comfort, the chair is almost standard. Approx. 16 ″ (40 cm) wide; it has a pad with 2″ (5 cm) foam material and has a durable vinyl covering.

The backrest has the same padding as the seat. It cannot recline and does not provide any other type of adjustment function, regardless of the seat. His spine is quite robust and offers excellent lumbar support.

As we mentioned earlier, the bike’s load capacity is 300 lbs (136 kg). However, riders up to 159kg have reported riding the bike with no issues.

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is equipped with two sets of handlebars, one attached to the console mast and one to the seat assembly. Both handlebar sets covering with a layer of foam rubber to provide a secure grip.

An important aspect to mention here is that the console mast is tilted towards the user and the use of the front handlebars is not as uncomfortable as with other recumbent bikes. But on the other hand, there are no pulse sensors in the steering wheel of the seat, like the Merax RB1020, for example.

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  • Customers found the recumbent bike aesthetically pleasing and durable with its oval and rectangular steel frame. The fact that it supports up to 300 pounds is ideal for those who want to use it for weight loss too;
  • Older people also like the step design compared to stationary bikes that require you to lift your legs to get up. To top it all off, the adjustable levers on the rear base that you use for comfort and are equipped with small wheels for maneuverability;
  • Professionals love the fact that the seat adjusts and snaps into place when you are in the desired position. In addition, it is comfortable and well-padded;
  • As with most Marcy exercise bikes, users love the two sets of handlebars and are comfortable to use;
  • Most users found the pedals safe to use and their feet do not slip easily, but they are not made for standing up and pedaling;
  • People who underwent surgery found that cycling was excellent for recovery because it offers low-level workouts with all eight available resistance levels;
  • Athletes found the console easy to use with the three main buttons and track their speed, distance and calories;
  • Another highlight that most customers love is the included tablet holder, but it covers the screen when in use. 


  • A major drawback for most athletes is the lack of built-in pulse sensors, as found on other models in the collection. You must use a separate device to monitor your heart rate;
  • Many users have found the speed and distance display of km /h and miles useful, but there are no other metric settings or built-in training programs. However, it does provide you with goal setting features.


Final Verdict on Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Marcy NS-40502R magnetic exercise bike with 8 resistance levels is the right choice to achieve your fitness goals. The operation of the fitness bike is in the hands of the users. The soft padding over the bike’s components makes it comfortable enough for extended use. The manufacturer has used quality parts in the production of the bike.

The purchase of this bike is a long-term investment that you can use for many years. A set of wheels on the front of the bike makes it easy to move the bike from room to room. You can choose the resistance level of the bike of your choice.

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