Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

No matter your age or current physical condition, one thing that will remain constant is the imperative need for daily exercise in our lives. When considering having an in-home machine that can be easily accessible to provide a beneficial cardiovascular workout for you and according to your schedule, look no further. The Nautilus R514c  provides the full package of all you will ever need in a recumbent bike. The machine comes in at under $500 and within a few workouts you will see that you get your money’s worth. With the Nautilus name behind the product, you know that you are getting a worthwhile exercise bike.

Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Nautilus R514c Exercise Bike is Undeniable Comfort

You will find that riding the Nautilus R514c is on par with the comfort you experience in your favorite armchair. Not only is the seat extra padded, adjustable, and nicely contoured to the natural shape of a user’s legs, but also the back is adjustable and manufactured to provide lumbar support. Moreover, the deluxe pedals are accommodating in size and include straps for effortless riding. There are also handlebars in the front by the console as well as the sides of the seat for personal hand placement selection. In combination with the natural horizontal frame for recumbent bikes, these added features with the Nautilus R514c make it a favorite choice for workouts among users.


Assortment in Workouts

The Nautilus R514c brings with it 20 workouts to choose from which keep the challenge up and eradicate any chance of sluggishness to enter in. Additionally, you can change up your exercise routines by making adjustments to the resistance levels by choosing among the 16 offered. These variations will always be smooth and discreet. Because they are magnetic in nature and therefore provide the most efficient way to get your exercising done. Finally, this recumbent bike is enabled by two user settings. So, you and another person can note progress from day to day while keeping motivated.


Solid Frame

At right around 115 pounds, the Nautilus R514c gives you a solid machine for the lightest or toughest exercise routine. There will never be issues that surface which have to do with weakness or instability. The frame has a 10-year warranty to back it up and it can carry a user who is up to 300 pounds without concern. Furthermore, this recumbent bike comes with a highly regarded open frame. Thich allows the most straightforward way to get on and off the machine and virtually eliminates the occurrence of injury.


Amazing Console

The console on the Nautilus R514c has a lot to brag about. First, the size is bigger than average, eliminating any eye strain when using it. Among the information that can be retrieved is distance, speed, and calories burned. It also includes a backlight as well as multicolored bricklayers. In addition, to this assortment, the console contains speakers, a fan, and a reading rack that can be adjusted.


Other Useful Features of Exercise Bike

Some other nice extras that come with the Nautilus R514c include transport wheels, which let you have easy transportability. It also has a bottle holder, grip heart rate monitor, and a useful wire gear basket located right under the seat for accessibility to essentials. The pedals are slightly larger than average and have straps to ensure your feet stay stable when pedaling.

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  • Variety in workout programs and resistance levels
  • Comfortable seating
  • Smooth and quiet


  • Assembly needed
  • Handlebars around the console can be awkward
  •  The console is high up which sometimes interferes with views


Final Thoughts

Having a recumbent bike in the comfort of your own home for use at your disposal can prove to be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your good health. By far, one of the best machines to consider is Nautilus R514c. Not only is it smooth and quiet, allowing you to enjoy other activities while getting your exercise in, but also it comes with a great selection for workout programs and resistance levels that will keep your motivation high. In sum, this recumbent bike will bring you to your fitness goals and beyond.

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