Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike Review

The Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike provides a great choice for a home exercise machine. This product is easy to assemble and comes with all the tools you will need to get it ready for your first ride. Typically, an average person will take under an hour to assemble the bike. The well-made and durable design allows for tough workouts as well as ones that are more laid back. Performance does not compromise with both types of uses. At a price of just under $250, you will find that you will get your money’s worth. Even if you only use it a year or two and then decide to upgrade. Having the Schwinn A20 handy right in your own home will give you many opportunities to get some minutes in for cardiovascular exercise which can provide endless health benefits.

Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

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Solid and Comfortable Design

The Schwinn A20 is structured as an open design, meaning there would never be any climbing involved to get on and off. This bike can sustain a person who is up to 275 pounds and is both durable and comfortable. The seat is specially padded and contoured to accommodate many body types for enjoyable rides. It is also adjustable, sliding forward and back, for varying leg lengths. You will never have an issue in regards to discomfort as a deterrent to get your workout going.


Impressive LCD Display

The computer console which comes with the Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike has a number of readouts that include heart rate, distance, time, calories burned, and speed, among others. Additionally, you can choose the workout programs from it and make use of the speakers. These are also contained in the unit.


Soundless Workout Machine

Due to the Schwinn A20’s special engineering, not a sound can be heard when riding it. This special bonus allows for doing other activities while getting a workout in such as enjoying a movie or reading. The quiet will also benefit others who may be around you when you are working out.


Variety of Workout Choices of Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

The most effective workouts all around are those that offer some changes with the routines. The Schwinn A20 satisfies this requirement and has seven different workout programs to keep exercising fresh, and it will push your body to the next fitness level. No one wants to fall into a hiatus when you are trying to reach a fitness goal. Therefore, in order to eliminate stagnation, workout varieties are necessary to avoid that. This recumbent bike will keep you on your health track.


Machine Mobility

The Schwinn A20 weighs in at about 75 pounds and has transport wheels, making mobility easy. You do not need to make any commitment to a particular room or space with this machine. It is possible to do alone and with no struggle.


Magnetic Resistance Selections of Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn A20 comes with eight levels of magnetic resistance. This variety gives you the flexibility to plan your workouts to be as challenging and forceful as you deem necessary. Given that the levels change electronically, you can always be assured that the switches are smooth and unnoticeable, except for the increase or decrease of pedal force needed.

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  • Easy assembly
  • Options for workout programs
  • LCD Console



  • The user weight limit is 275 pounds
  • Limited warranty
  • Batteries needed


Final Thoughts of Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

Thinking about various elements and features in order to come up with the best recumbent bike for your needs could take a bit of time for considerations. The Schwinn A20 comes with all the essentials you will need and is backed by a brand that is known for good craftsmanship and experience. This recumbent bike has a reasonable price and offers enough resistance levels and workout programs to keep you sufficiently satisfied in variability. Thinking for an upgrade from this machine to a more expensive model or one with more bells and whistles will take some time for sure. In addition, to the overall comfortable and easy to use design, you will end up actually having the high motivation to get your workout in every day, which will bring you to an excellent fitness level in no time.

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    Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike has some awesome feature like LCD monitor, soundless machine and magnetic resistance solution.
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