Total Body Recumbent Bike Reviews

Total Body Recumbent Bike is low impact workouts that are highly beneficial and offer an effective means for strengthening your body and keeping trim. Cycling is a great way to incorporate these kinds of exercise in your schedule, especially in home stationary bikes.

There is more of a chance that you will be motivated to exercise if you have a machine to help you get to it that is easily accessible and gives results. The Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike is a surefire winner in the area of safe and proven workouts. Recumbent bikes are easy on the back and joints and with the open frame design of this machine, there is hardly any chance that you could get hurt. In addition, due to the comfort and high quality, you will find that you will get much use out of this purchase.

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Upper and Lower Body Workouts of Total Body Recumbent Bike

What stands out the most with the Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike is that you can get both an upper and lower body workout. All in one uniquely designed product. The upper hand pedals offer exercise to the arms, shoulders, and chest, while the lower pedals work the lower body from the glutes on down. Not many recumbent bikes find with this extra option and therefore, this stationary bike particularly appeals to those who really enthusiastic and determines to get effective workouts into their lives.


Total Body Recumbent Bike High-quality and Sturdy Build

The Total Body Recumbent Bike is durable and weighs in at 117 pounds and so can support a user who is 250 pounds. The sturdy build eliminates wobbliness no matter how vigorous or long your fitness routines may be. In addition, due to its frame’s design, a user’s body weight will always be evenly distributed throughout. Which is not only contributes to the comfort but also good positioning and a steady frame while pedaling.


Magnetic Resistance

Because the resistance type for the Total Body Recumbent Bike is magnetic, you can always be ensured that your workout will be the quietest you have ever had. You can choose among the eight different levels to add some extra tension to your fitness training. The choice to make it as challenging as you want is completely up to you. Also, no one will notice that you are using this machine unless they actually see you in action. In addition, that means you can take delight in doing an array of other fun things like watching a movie. Or navigating the Internet while getting your exercise in.

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  • High quality
  • Walkthrough design
  • Upper and lower body workout


  • Assembly required
  • Price
  • User weight limit: 250

Final Thoughts

When comparing the Total Body Recumbent Bike to others available in fitness shops, you definitely can consider it a high-end stationary cycle. This means there is very little that could go wrong with a machine. Such as, this one which is made of better materials and engineered more carefully for comfort and effectiveness. In addition to the option of having an upper-body workout along with a lower one, makes this feature a real jewel among recumbent bikes. Cardiovascular exercise is the key to longevity and maintenance of weight. This machine can certainly keep you fit and in good health for years to come.

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