TRX Suspension Training, Benefits of Exercise for the Whole Body


What is the TRX suspension training? Discover the benefits of Total-Body Resistance Exercise and qualities if you practice regularly.

You’ve probably heard of TRX suspension training. Its acronym abbreviate the words “Total-Body Resistance Exercise” which means total resistance exercise for the body. We can say that this discipline will save a lot of time searching through different machines to work different muscles individually and we will explain why.


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Using your own body weight, you will exercise all the muscles of the body and be in complete control of how much you want to challenge yourself, because you can simply adjust the position of your body or decrease the resistance that you put exercise.

All this is possible with the help of a simple, but very effective tool: a pair of suspension ropes.

Who should practice? The answer is anyone. Usually, people who do yoga or Pilates can feel like the TRX because there are certain similarities.

It is also ideal for runners, cyclists and any athlete dedicated to cardiovascular exercises that wants to develop more strength. Even those who are more oriented to lift weights considered beneficial this activity by their ability to sculpt muscles.

The TRX is quite friendly to beginners and that is another good reason to get started in this discipline. It is easy to adapt the exercises to your own level of difficulty and go increasing it when you see it necessary.

It can be defined for each person, because it is possible to determine how complicated or simple want it to be, so in the same class may have very advanced or very rookies people, because ultimately everyone can adjust the intensity of your way.


The great thing about this workout is the connection between cardiovascular and muscle exercises. Many think that only TRX is dedicated to the application of force, when in fact it is the opposite.

You work so many body parts that your heart rate will accelerate, and by making some suspensions, you would be applying effort in many muscles while the body will need plenty of oxygen. It is an extremely efficient between use of force and cardio movements integration.

This discipline beats boredom, no doubt. When you have two suspension ropes, there are endless ways to use them. You can do almost anything and work every muscle in the body. It is best that your exercise routines can change as often as you want, it means that your mind and body will remain at a constant challenge while mixing know the things you do in TRX.

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The benefits of practicing TRX

The benefits you get are very important for your health and well being. You will participate in a low-impact exercise, so you do not will force your joints. You absolutely involve whole body and you can train for any occasion: gain muscle, lose weight or prepare for a career. Through the suspension you can achieve it.

It increases our endurance and muscle strength

Among its most important benefits we find that suspension training helps us to increase both our strength and our muscular strength, we work directly with our own body weight.

In this way we get our whole body toning. Furthermore, in order to increase the difficulty of training you can use ankle or wrist straps weight.

It helps burn fat

The TRX is an excellent tool for those who want to burn fat and lose training, since it becomes a wonderful cardiovascular workout type.

In this sense it is appropriate to perform repetitions of motion with moderate working times and short breaks, which will help us to improve the maximum fat burning body.

If you have never done, go to your gym, ask if there are classes available and register. Do it before you commit to do TRX at home, because it is always better to receive the first instructions from a trainer and learn to literally all you have to do to not hurt.

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